Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm selling some stamps

' I love Picasa...
it's easy to use, and it is fun, and I'm even blogging from it. All this to let you know I'm selling some stamps (somehow 30 rocks "imma snitting next to barpo" comes to mind, undoubtedly mis-quoted!)....

Yes, it's sad but I have LOTS of stamps (that is not the sad part) but I have to get rid of some. I have not used many of them in a long time. I'm keeping some, many actually, but I've started listing some I have to part with on my Picasa album. here: So if you are into rubber stamping, go have a look. International postage is always a bit dear, but some of those stamps are bargains, and the more you buy, the more you save!!! If you want to check out Australia Post's rates you can do so here:
I hope you like my new-look-blog, got tired of the old one (after a few years, ya know...) and I love the new customisable templates Blogger now offers.

Ok, off to feed the little family now.
[STAMPS UNAVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER DUE TO BOX BEING PUT IN SHED DURING RELATIVE'S VISIT, but if you want something, let me know, just don't be in a rush to get it ;)]
thanks for looking!
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