Tuesday, March 15, 2005


(edited 15 March to add Pickled Ginger to list of ingredients!)

I find it fairly easy to do. For the rice, I got the SunRice Sushi Rice the first time. Now I get the rice from a little chinese supermarket in Fremantle. You cook it as per the directions presented here except you use 3 cups water, not two (must make note to email them about this as the instructions on their packages does say 1.5 water for 1 rice).

I use an electrical fan to cool my rice, and turn it a bit more frequently than they say.

Then I vaguely used the instructions here to make my rolls.

Shopping list:
Bamboo mat (can use glad bake too apparently) to help roll your Nori.
Short grain rice
Nori sheets
Rice Vinegar
White Sugar (for Sushi Vinegar)
Salt (for Sushi Vinegar)
Soy sauce (I use Lee Kum Kee Salt Reduced Soy Sauce)
Pickled ginger

Fish (I use those frozen fish pieces or rolls, not brave enough to venture in the world of raw fish, specially not after having seen the series "Body Snatchers" on the ABC. You can use prawns/shrimp, tuna, chicken, egg...
Cucumber or Avocado (yum! but higher in fat, though they are good fats) or Carrots if you're out of everything else (DH didn't like the carrots very much, I didn't mind them one bit)

There's more recipes at Sunrice to inspire you, or do a search on Google for sushi recipes.
I have now taken the habit of looking at the display of the sushi take-out place near one of the bus stops in Freo, it helps with inspiration!

I think that's all, if you want more info, I'll be happy to add some :)