Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Faux Ceramic Tutorial!

Yay! Love it when things happen like that. Just yesterday I was posting about a Faux Porcelain/Ceramic tutorial and today, while reading Parole de Pâte (in French, with some English Translations), I find another tutorial I'd stumbled across before but couldn't find!! I remembered the picture quite vividly and thought I'd seen it in a book, but couldn't find it! It's HERE!!!

FUN!!! There's one more way to make porcelain looking beads on Parole de Pâte and this one has been translated in English.

Ooops, gotta run, it's Sunday, laundry to do, polymer clay to bake, grocery shopping to be done (heck, if they are opening shops on Sunday, I'll procrastinate Saturday, of course!)

Enjoy the school holidays!


Dawnie said...

Luuvvv the awsome links you have shared france ! i just dont know where to start.
Hope the hols are going Ok for you.

Hug ya

Anonymous said...

Hi France,
Hooray! Exactly what I was looking for. I had your post stored away in my memory for when I eventually got out the poly clay. But it's come in handy today too. =) I had a few casts I'd done in air dry clay and I had a go at the glazing technique using alcohol ink and the polymer gloss we use for transfers. It's worked a treat!