Friday, January 30, 2009

I have had a gutful!

Below is a letter I just sent to Channel 7, Perth.
I'm posting it here as I think it's important to speak up. Some people will say "they'll hear it at school" yes, they will, and we can discuss it with them, but I don't think it's fair that it's pushed upon them as they are enjoying watching a fun kid's show!
If you feel the same, please do something.
I haven't yet written the other Perth channels as I want to write when I hear something, my beef today is with Channel 7.
If you agree with what I'm saying, please do something, and if you don't agree, feel free to leave a comment, I'm open to reading what you have to say (I may or may not agree, and I may or may not reply, but I'll read).
Thanks for letting me air my frustrations :)


I would like to let you know how horrified I am, day after day, at the news bits you broadcast during children's programming.

Yes, life is life and we can't always shield our young ones from the horrible things which happen in the world, but do you really think it's appropriate to mention, as was mentioned a few minutes ago, during Hannah Montana, the story about the father who threw his daughter off the West Gate bridge in Melbourne???

Do you really honestly think the audience of Hannah Montana need to know about rapes, murders, suicides???

This is not the first time it's happened!

Please take some consideration about that topic, some channels don't even broadcast any type of advertising (be it for their news or other programs, or products/services) during children's programs.

In anticipation of a considered and helpful response.


AND MY TOWN HERE, Western Australia


Heather T. said...

I think it's a perfectly normal response! Hope they write you back...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. My kids aren't allowed to watch much telly, so l don't think they even know it happened, but there is no way any child needs to know about it, it's just awful.

Good on you for complaining.