Friday, October 21, 2005

J'en ai marre-melade

The title of this post is a French pun, so unless you speak French, I'm afraid I can't translate, as they say in the world of subtitles "untranslatable French pun"
Well... I've been busy washing, juicing, slicing, boiling and simmering lemons lately for our bi-yearly school fete! It's this weekend! Usually my mum makes the marmalade around this time of the year, when she visits us, but she's not coming this year, so I took over :) 12 little jars, which means about 4 or 5 batches, I lost count, not to mention the one I messed up as my lemon peel to water/sugar ratio was a bit on the low side, oh well, more for us :) I go nuts about Lemons here... They are gorgeous, in Canada, you don't have a lemon tree in your backyard, and you don't have friends who generously give you bags of lemons when your tree is not producing enough, we do it with apples... Although my family did it with zucchini, my parents grew the largest zucchini I ever saw! They were actually in my brother's section of the garden, but I digress.
I thought I should show off my Lemon Peel Delight (didn't know if it would pass as marmalade, so I called it "Delight" a nice lovely word that covers a range of consistencies, which is EXACTLY what I made!!!). I learned a few tricks making this, how to sterilise your bottles and caps, and that it is a very sticky process! It was fun though.

Speaking of bi-yearly, like the Fete at the school... well... did you know that the English language makes no sense sometimes? Of course you knew that... there's no ham in hamburgers, and the like. Well... did you know that bi-weekly can mean twice in one week, OR also mean every two weeks? Here in Australia we/they use the word fortnight to mean every two weeks, it's a lovely clear word, IMO. Comes from "fourteen nights". Bi-monthly, does that mean twice a month, or every two months? It means BOTH ladies and gents! Yes, same with bi-yearly! Now this is one concept that made me and my hubby shake our heads in disbelief!!!!! You can pick up any dictionary and have a peek, and I bet you they will say I'm right. Well, in either case, they can't say I'm entirely wrong, can they? It's one, or the other, or both! :)

Food for thought, though I prefer marmalade!