Monday, March 29, 2010

Food stuff in MP soap

I'm using Picasa to find some pictures I can't locate on my HDD (don't you just hate when that happens?), and I came across this picture I had taken from a book for a recipe I really wanted to try (beats writing it down and realising I can't read my handwriting, which used to be quite OK, but not so much since I'm using computers so much... which could bring up a whole 'nother topic where a friend told me they don't teach cursive writing, aka running writing, in schools anymore as kids don't write anymore.... that is just insane... but going back to my soap.....) and I made it, and it was gorgeous, and a few weeks later, the girls are washing their hands and one comes to me and says "mummy, i just washed my hands and they smell like vomit", so I figure she's exaggerating again, doesn't like the new FO I used, or what not (kids have the funniest comments sometimes)... so she makes me smell her hands, and it was FOUL! her hands DID smell like some sour milk.... and well, I went and smelled my beautiful looking soap (as per the recipe in the picture to the left) and it was absolutely dis-gus-ting..... I guess the moral of the story is beware what food stuff you put in MP soap as it's not the same as CP soap and can go off...

Now if anyone knows of a way my soap wouldn't have gone rancid with the whipping cream, please enlighten me.

Anyway, it's not just because a book was written and published that what's in it is has been tried and tested. I remember people on a soap forum mentioning a book where the person is showing new soapers how to make soap and tells them to pour the water into the lye.... That is dangerous beyond words. How books like that get published is just negligent.

My 2 cents while I go back to look for the darned pics I lost ;)

Cheers! (below is the pic of the lovely "Tiramisu" soap I'd made with the recipe with cream... looked nice!)
note: I should probably add that this was one of the first soaps I made, about a year and a half ago... coming across the picture reminded me of the story... so I thought I'd put out a little reminder/heads up.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

what's keeping me busy this weekend

Other than the farting around hubby and I have had to do with his car, and with his work, etc... this blog post is what I'm doing to keep my sanity this weekend...

BUT FIRST, this is what happened to hubby's spare tyre a while back (now before you think I can't spell, that's how tire is spelled in Australia, and I always think Canadian Tyre wouldn't have looked strange. This was part of our weekend as well...

things that make you go hmmm...
The guy at the tyre shop where we went this morning says in hot weather (it happened on one of the heat record days we've had this Summer) he sees a couple such explosions every week from 4WD type cars! Hmmm, interesting.

Anyway, hubby thought his front wheels needed aligning, so the car is at the tyre shop, and lo and behold, one of the front tires is causing the wobbling, and the cause of the wobbling is the same thing (for lack of the technical term because I cannot remember it) that caused the spare tyre to blow up... and would have done the same in a matter of ..... days!!!!! Imagine that!

So we may have saved hubby's life by getting it fixed sooner rather than too-late!!!!

But the fact that his car is unsafe to drive is causing a bunch of scheduling conflicts (oh the busy life we lead when we have children!), which I won't bore you with... some days/weeks seem like nothing will go quite right. What I wouldn't give for a week to be so perfect that it would be boring!!!!! Not just with hubby and the cars, but with all the melo dramas caused by life in general!!


Anyway, after reading SoapyLove's Debbie's tutorial for cup cake soaps, seeing the video (below)by the Soap Queen was very exciting, and I'm in the midst of trying this project:

How to make Soap Cupcakes with Whipped Frosting from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

The cupcake portions are setting right now. Can't wait to try the whipped soap for the frosting! Anne-Marie told me (via her Soap Queen blog, and she checked with Debbie) that I can use bubble bath base, which is great because I just got a bunch at Aussie Soap Supplies. I find it makes a great addition to a present basket (see further below) when you add a bit of pearliser, fragrance, and I always like to add a teeny bit of Shampoo Ultra Thick in there, to thicken the bubble bath.

I was at our local The Reject Shop earlier today looking for Easter trinkets (after seeing a doco on ABC or SBS called "Fakes" I don't want to buy chocolate at those places anymore - too afraid they are bad fakes, but I'm happy to buy their trinkets) and I came across these silicon moulds:
Photo for Blog
They had mini ones as well but I knew if I got the little ones I'd use them for chocolate and gobble them all up, so I dind't get them, but gosh they were cute!!

So I used some Organic MP Base and scented it with Chocolate Milk FO from Aussie Candle Supplies, and coloured with some brown (rich brown oxide dispersion from Aussie Soap Supplies and Cappuccino Mica also from Aussie Soap Supplies). Will show off a picture when they are set.


Speaking of gift baskets (well, I did mention it somewhat above when talking about bubble bath base)... This was the latest gift basket effort for a 21st. I made the labels using one of HeatherT's digi kits Little Miss Muffet. The theme was largely Strawberry based, but not all was coloured perfectly (the soap in the front is a loofah soap, and the mica I used wasn't quite strawberry red, but I try to play with what I have) but I tried to keep in the pink/red theme... I had to get some tea too when I saw that package, as it looked so luxurious!!

Below is us three (me and my two not-so-little-anymore girls)
India's 21st us and present
1. Ready for our first 21st, 2. 21st Birthday Basket, 3. 21st Birthday Basket wrapped up
and below are our henna tattoos. Mine was taken one day later, the girls' were taken as soon as they removed the henna. DD2 had a bit of a reaction to hers, it made her very itchy and they were both looking forward to removing them. I put lemon on mine after an hour or so but scraped it off before bed. Mine lasted just under a week, the girls's just over a week.

and finally I have unloaded pictures from my camera... and I present some of the Tie Dye that kept us busy during two very hot days over Christmas.
My creation
1. Tie Dye Fun - Tank Top by DD2, 2. Tie Dye Fun - Tank Top by DD1, 3. Tie Dye Fun - bag by me
Created with
fd's Flickr Toys

Well, this is what happens when you keep getting interrupted, things happen in the background the day ends, and I am now able to present you with little cup cakes, but you'll have to wait a bit for the chocolate egg soaps.


Hope you like them. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! Now to think of a clever tag or sticker so kids (who may win the raffle) don't take a big bite... this might be a problem :)