Saturday, July 23, 2005

Soup anyone?

Hi again... well, what I thought would happen did, hence you're finding me here again. I go on cooking sprees, make yummy food, and then forget what I made and what we liked.... Once I can remember the recipe it's not so bad as I always write comments in my recipe books (in pencil!) as to when I first made the recipe and if we liked it or not... and any other details.
Well, in hopes to inspire others, and to jog my memory, here are the soups we like:
(reminds me of the Kids In The Hall song "These are the Daves I know")

Beetroot (beet) Soup: from my aunty's recipe
Black Bean Soup: there was one I used to make, which I can't find, so now we like the one from Sundays at the Moosewood, in the North African section.
Succotash Chowder: this one is from the Moosewood Cookbook and is just delicious it's made with Lupinis (Ah! now I remember what those lupinis in the freezer are for! I always try to cook more legumes than I need and freeze some! Yay!)... ok, so the soup is made with Lupinis and potatoes, celery, great herbal seasonings and corn!
Fennel Bulb soup great when fennels are cheap and in season, they are also quite nice braised.
Gingered Carrot Soup also from Moosewood

This is all for now, the rest will have to wait until later. eventually, one day! As for now, that's all I remember. I might even come and edit this post if I ever get motivated enough *Ü*

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pizza Pizza Pie Olé!

Well, not really pizzas, but definitely pies, and soups, and yes, NOODLES!!

We're in the midst of Winter Holidays here in Western Australia, and I've been cooking a bit. It's pretty cold so I've been making soups. A whole bunch of different ones, and we eat half, and the other half goes in the freezer for when school starts or when neither of us feels like cooking (well, DH and I are doing the soup eating, the girls aren't big on those yet). The girls helped me and we made homemade noodles yesterday, it was great. I currently have a pasta maker on loan to play with polymer clay, but it's never been used with polymer, so I used it for pasta. Not sure it'll see polymer while I'm in possession of it!! The whole family ate the noodles!!

Anyway, I also made a pie and I burned the crust. The pie was nice enough but here are some links to check before I burn more pie! (wear sunnies if you look at that site!)

but really, I think we need a better oven :)
more later... if/when I get 'roundtoit Google Search Result