Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ever feel like you don't know what day it is?

Ever wonder what day it is, what date even? if this month has 30 or 31 days, is it a leap year? Does February have 30 days? Did it ever have 30 days?
I stumbled upon this great article at Wikipedia and now my brain is even more confused that it was previously (in my sneezing, hay-fever-brought-on-by-cold-mornings-symptoms-state!)... the mind boggles as to the egos of people who go around wanting to change such humongous things... I think I blame Caesar too :) as he was responsible for the previous calendar, which obviously didn't work!! He even went as far as to name it after himself! Well, I guess being Julius Caesar and all, one of the most famous of all Caesars ever. Even Asterix knows him!!! :-P
Just boggles my mind... and I'm glad I wasn't living in Sweden in the year in 1753 or I would have not had a birthday that year... Then again, people born on the 29th February have it harder than me... one birthday every four years, except when that year ends in 00 but is not divisible by 400.... what??? yeah, I know!!!! makes no sense, but apparently there's an 800 page volume explaining why. Well, I'm off to find a calendar to figure out what day it is today! I think it's Wednesday but I've had feelings it might be Thursday... Nah, it's Wednesday, the weekend *will* come!!

Oh Ok, you're not interested in this date stuff? You prefer eye-candy, well, ok, here's a fun gallery full of Oriental flavoured art, mostly stamped stuff, but other things too. This here, is my corner there. Some stuff I made, some stuff I was sent.

Have a great day, I'm off to find my "Kleenex"... and close my eyes for a while... I've been sneezing since 5:30 am!! Who said Australia was a warm country???? :-D