Friday, April 10, 2009

One fishy, two fishies (I'd rather find the Easter Bunny!)

OK, the slide show didn't work, so I'm going to try to figure something out. (the slide show won't work at all for me, sorry about that! but since I Was updating you on the fish situation, I'll leave this post here, any advice on the fish smell or the code would be appreciated!)

Well, I thought I'd try this code I found here and update you on the fishy situation. Turns out this new technology fridge is made of styrofoam inside, so you can't really scrape to clean, but I did my best to clean some "stuff" in the foam in the freezer when I was finally able to remove the little vent at the bottom of the freezer part, but it turns out the fridge has "foam" at the bottom, and whatever leaked from the top is now IN THE FOAM! so it's going to smell for a while, eeek! We're trying baking soda/bicarb soda for a while, Whirlpool didn't have any other advice to offer, which was rather sad. I thought we could flush the foam by putting the fridge over the drain and pouring water in the little vent in the freezer, while unplugged... if that's what route the fish juice takes, then I don't see why not water... but apparently "it is not advisable" told me a lady with a very thick American accent (out of which I was trying to decipher some Delhi accent!!!). Another option (which I found on The Dish! They are so knowledgeable there!) is to fill the fridge with newspaper balls. We may have to try this, I'm just very worried about the foam bit under the fridge, there's NO WAY to remove it and rinse it... that I could see, maybe I'll look again and see if there's screws there if the smell doesn't vanish over the long weekend (I have a feeling it won't! *sigh*).
This said, I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me! As most people do, though Saturday we must do the grocery shopping!!!

Well, I hope this slide show works. Let's hit PUBLISH and see!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, doesn't pay of to try and be overzealous!
On Friday I thought I was being a good employee, turning off the lights and the various power outlets in the kitchen at work. "Leave the coffee machine on" said someone, as another someone likes the machine to be ready anytime, fine, turn the kettle off, etc....
Little did I know... when I came in this Monday morning, I put my lunch in the fridge, and the light was off... I had inadvertently turned off the power outlet for the FRIDGE!!! My boss had some fish (he fishes) in the freezer.... it was MELTED, and didn't smell very nice!
Not a good way to start the week, and definitely not a way to earn brownie points with the boss! *sigh* and that fish is SO nice (I do know!).
Luckily it was only two pieces, but it was two BIG pieces...
You try to do the right thing and you mess up! I hate days like that! :)

Oh, here's one of my pet peeves:
Pet Peeve