Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nicnas and soap

Here's a petition dear to my heart:
I would love to make a few dollars from selling some of my soap, but I feel I can't cos I woudln't want to be caught and fined!
If the fees were less, I'd pay them (even though I don't think Nicnas would do ANYTHING for me! But I'd love to be proven wrong) so I can sell, in person, or on Etsy.
My soaps ARE nice! LOL! I want to sell them, but NICNAS is in the way, so please, sign the petition to help out small scale soapers like me.

In the meantime I'm enjoying seeing how this soap will change, one of the fragrances I used makes the soap darker, I'll post another picture in a few weeks.

It smells of coconut and pineapple!!! I just love it! I pick it up and smell it frequently!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ah! Lucky that wasn't ME!

My friend Heather T send me this:
I am glad our episode at work (caused by me, see a previous post) is over, the fridge seems to not smell anymore.
I found out ground coffee is great, you can put vanilla essence drops on the coffee (even the cheap stuff), baking powder aka bicarb soda, but also white bread (I wouldn't waste nice bread on that), put a few slices in the fridge and change every few days, DO NOT EAT! Crumpled newspapers also helped! I would also have tried citrusy essential oils but didn't get to that (and tried the cheaper approaches first!)

After a month of not making soap, I have a batch in the freezer, yup, cos I added goatmilk to it I put it straight in the freezer to prevent overheating, let's hope I don't get that partial gel! :)

I have been playing with "bath and beauty" stuff lately, but not much I have time to expand on at this very second. I am however getting a lot of inspiration from Susan's Blog!!!