Thursday, June 26, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Beads Etc. Coming out in July! I am so very excited!!! The turtle necklace (upper right) is mine :) made with a Krafty Lady mould. Didn't they do such a great job with the photography!!!
Beads Etc, July 08

Below, page in June 08 of Vamp Stamp News (also very excited)

VampStamp News, June 08
The Egyptian, Paris, Blue Kimono and Daisy pieces are mine.
Stamp credit:
Egypt: Non Sequitur
Blue Kimono, Daisy, and Paris: Inkastamps
Moulds by Krafty Lady

VampStamp News, June 08
the necklace is mine, this was on the back of Vamp Stamp News (June 08). Beads are stamped polymer clay, stamp from About Art Accents, focal bead is from Krafty Lady.

And I also have a tin coming out in Altered Arts, also in July, but don't have the magazine yet. What a busy month... and I haven't submitted anything since so that'll be it for a while in that field!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time, that elastic thing.....

Ever wonder what happens with time? Sometimes I am here, sitting at my desk and it's about 8-8:30 PM, and the next thing I know, it's past 10:30..... and where did all that time go? What have I done with it???
Usually, I have no answer to that question, but the other night, I managed to have something concrete to make up for my time, which for once, wasn't "lost time" (and no, I don't think I'm being abducted by Aliens during that time, and I don't mean to laugh at the subject either, as I do believe something weird is indeed happening to some people on this planet!!)
But, as I said, the other night, upon reception of some new rubber from About Art Accents I found myself inspired, and made a few ATCs.
Here's one:

You can see the others either in the AboutArtAccents Gallery (It's not there tonight, Heather, the Webmistress is very busy, so it'll be there eventually!) or in my Oriental Stamp Art gallery in the album called "2008 Art Made".

So unlike other bloggers, I either create or I blog, and lately I've done none of one, and a wee bit of the other... One day I'll grab a nice big cuppa and go visit all my "friends" I haven't visited in a while.....

Monday, June 09, 2008


Oooh, I've been having fun!!!

With my Frangipani Mould from Krafty Lady

I made a skinner blend plug (I think it's called a plug, though it might be more of a bullseye cane, yeah, that's what it is! A bullseye cane!)

I cut a part of it which I reduced further, and cast them in the Frangipani Moulds

Yes, my skinner blend needs a bit of work, you can see rings, but it's good enough for me! Aren't they great? I'm thinking with yellow buna (if that exists) or even white or even black... (I'm not picky, I love black!) and the little frangipani either for earrings or as a toggle on the back!

Just oh-so-excited!!
For more ideas with the frangipani mould, have a looky here! And when these are baked and made into something, you'll see them there too!!!

Edited to add a nice picture of Frangipanis, found on the El Yunque National Forest site

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Choc chip & oat slice

Photography by Chris Court

Loved this recipe, great treat to add to lunchboxes for a special treat. I didn't want to lose it so I am posting it here. Just click on the image to get to the recipe.

I've been busy lately making samples for Krafty Lady just click on that link and look for my name there, you'll see what I've made. There's more to come shortly because I haven't had time to put them up yet. And look at everyone else's work, it's all pretty nice!!!

Work, cold/flu, sleep, and taking care of my little family.... that's what my days are made of, but I squeeze a bit of TV in there, and some craft, lucky I "watch" tv on my computer, and craft at my computer desk, so I'm double-tasking. Loved the last House, love that I found a source for Hotel Babylon Season 3, and that I found a friend to swap CSI Miamis with!!!

So there you go Julie K :) that's about it (thought I will email you soon!)

have a good week!!!