Sunday, June 08, 2008

Choc chip & oat slice

Photography by Chris Court

Loved this recipe, great treat to add to lunchboxes for a special treat. I didn't want to lose it so I am posting it here. Just click on the image to get to the recipe.

I've been busy lately making samples for Krafty Lady just click on that link and look for my name there, you'll see what I've made. There's more to come shortly because I haven't had time to put them up yet. And look at everyone else's work, it's all pretty nice!!!

Work, cold/flu, sleep, and taking care of my little family.... that's what my days are made of, but I squeeze a bit of TV in there, and some craft, lucky I "watch" tv on my computer, and craft at my computer desk, so I'm double-tasking. Loved the last House, love that I found a source for Hotel Babylon Season 3, and that I found a friend to swap CSI Miamis with!!!

So there you go Julie K :) that's about it (thought I will email you soon!)

have a good week!!!

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Anonymous said...

You make me smile!