Thursday, June 26, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Beads Etc. Coming out in July! I am so very excited!!! The turtle necklace (upper right) is mine :) made with a Krafty Lady mould. Didn't they do such a great job with the photography!!!
Beads Etc, July 08

Below, page in June 08 of Vamp Stamp News (also very excited)

VampStamp News, June 08
The Egyptian, Paris, Blue Kimono and Daisy pieces are mine.
Stamp credit:
Egypt: Non Sequitur
Blue Kimono, Daisy, and Paris: Inkastamps
Moulds by Krafty Lady

VampStamp News, June 08
the necklace is mine, this was on the back of Vamp Stamp News (June 08). Beads are stamped polymer clay, stamp from About Art Accents, focal bead is from Krafty Lady.

And I also have a tin coming out in Altered Arts, also in July, but don't have the magazine yet. What a busy month... and I haven't submitted anything since so that'll be it for a while in that field!!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Bask in the glory of your fame and I hope you get lots of goodies too. You're uber talented my dear!

Danielle D said...

Yay! Fame is yours! They're beautiful pieces, too. It's a well-earned kind of famous. Congratulations.

Julz said...

You rock, France!!!
Can i have your autograph...hehe!

Julz said... have been given an award...see my blog!

France said...

Oh OK Julz!!! Running over there right now!