Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flus and Colds and Sniffles, Oh My!!!

Doing a bit of research online to figure out how to stop one of our two little ones from coughing incessantly -- though, at the moment Robitussin seems to be doing the trick, I always prefer natural or homeopathic medicines whenever possible...
So while looking around for Aconite (this is indeed the name of a homeopathic medicine, don't go and eat the plant!! Thanks Danielle for your comment which made me think not everyone would think of homeopathy reading this!), as suggested to me by my very cool pharmacist (who seems to believe in natural/homeopathic therapies) I found these two sites which I wish I'd found earlier. offers all sorts of tips and recipes for cleaning your home, using homeopathy and essential oils, amongst other things.
She has a small but very interesting Ask Andrea section, found new things to do with bananas and cayenne pepper of all things! She also has interesting articles.

As for Art... well, given the above, there hasn't been much time for it lately, although I did manage to update the Krafty Lady Gallery this weekend!!
Your best bet is to go to this page: Design Team Section - Latest Additions
and this one: Customer Gallery - Latest Additions where I had the pleasure of adding three pieces by talented local artist (and friend) Carmel Trigwell.

Sorry, no eye candy from me this time, but if you want some, I suggest this wonderful site, where you can read all about an amazing adventure by two young Australians: The 1000 Hour Day, an expedition in the North of Canada done during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer, I'm only halfway reading it as I became aware of this when it was on its last days. You can also see more eye candy by viewing pictures from Chris Bray. Chris and Clark were the two guys in the expedition, and no I don't know them but I just love the writing, the pictures and the adventure! Nice to see young kids with good brains! :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I'm selling four items in my Etsy shop, as a means of raising funds for OrientalStampArt's new website. OrientalStampArt is a Yahoo!Groups community for Rubber Stampers who love the Asian/Oriental style of images. The group has been around for many years and has some of the most enthusiastic members around!

Affiliated with the group is a fabulous website, I invite you to have a look:

That website is so jam-packed with information and artwork that our current server cannot handle the sheer amount of goodness we have to offer, and it has to be upgraded. This costs money.

Selling these items I made is my contribution to the cause.

All proceeds of this sale will be going DIRECTLY to the website upgrade.

Postage on this item is FREE to the buyer.

For more information on OSA see this glorious review by fellow Australian Carole Meisenhelter

Here are the items up for grabs:

That's all I have for today.
Yesterday I celebrated 10 years of landing in Australia for a "new" life.
Tomorrow, we'll see what tomorrow brings :)

The Maneki Neko necklace has been sold already as has the magnet with the Geisha holding an umbrella.