Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flus and Colds and Sniffles, Oh My!!!

Doing a bit of research online to figure out how to stop one of our two little ones from coughing incessantly -- though, at the moment Robitussin seems to be doing the trick, I always prefer natural or homeopathic medicines whenever possible...
So while looking around for Aconite (this is indeed the name of a homeopathic medicine, don't go and eat the plant!! Thanks Danielle for your comment which made me think not everyone would think of homeopathy reading this!), as suggested to me by my very cool pharmacist (who seems to believe in natural/homeopathic therapies) I found these two sites which I wish I'd found earlier. offers all sorts of tips and recipes for cleaning your home, using homeopathy and essential oils, amongst other things.
She has a small but very interesting Ask Andrea section, found new things to do with bananas and cayenne pepper of all things! She also has interesting articles.

As for Art... well, given the above, there hasn't been much time for it lately, although I did manage to update the Krafty Lady Gallery this weekend!!
Your best bet is to go to this page: Design Team Section - Latest Additions
and this one: Customer Gallery - Latest Additions where I had the pleasure of adding three pieces by talented local artist (and friend) Carmel Trigwell.

Sorry, no eye candy from me this time, but if you want some, I suggest this wonderful site, where you can read all about an amazing adventure by two young Australians: The 1000 Hour Day, an expedition in the North of Canada done during the Northern Hemisphere's Summer, I'm only halfway reading it as I became aware of this when it was on its last days. You can also see more eye candy by viewing pictures from Chris Bray. Chris and Clark were the two guys in the expedition, and no I don't know them but I just love the writing, the pictures and the adventure! Nice to see young kids with good brains! :)


Julz said...

Oh France...i can truly understand what you are going through...i have had an incessant raspy cough since week one of the school hols. It wont leave!!! Is still keeping me awake at night even...very draining. i hope your little one is well soon
Lub, Julz

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon you blog and couldn't help leave a message as I grew up with a cough. My parents used vaporizers (misting air machines) and it helped alot. It turned out that I was allergic to milk. All the best to you, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I know this sounds funny, but try putting 'vick's vapour' rub on the bottom on the feet at night. It is suppose to stop the coughing.
Trish D

France said...

Thanks Julz! Thanks manamoon!
Trish, it doesn't sound weird, I had heard of rubbing eucalyptus oil under the feet too, but I'd forgotten about it, thanks for the reminder.

Danielle D said...

Speaking as a health-professional, I have to say that herbal cough remedies are surprisingly good. I find I'm using them a lot on my frailer, elderly customes who take a lot of medications that make traditional cold and flu remedies unsafe. There's a lot to be said for things like Irish Moss and honey-tinctures.

Aconite is not something I would think of as a cough-remedy though - but I'm guessing as it's a homeopathic formula, they're using tiny amounts of it. Otherwise, aconite is, as you probably know, a poison of Shakespearean proportions.

France, I hope you don't mind, I've nominated you for an "I Love Your Blog" award here at my blog.

Gail Kirby said...

Hi France!!!!

A really good cough medicine that we swear by (and others we have recommended it to) is Rikodeine. You have to ask for it at the chemists though. It is the only one we have found to work to stop the cough, especially at night. I always get a bad cough if I get a cold bug (just getting over my 3rd bout this winter!). We used to have problems getting it in Melbourne and used to stock up when we went back to Perth! Trust me, it works!

Gail xx