Monday, October 29, 2012

Good news from

Well, if you look at the post I made a few days ago, I was waiting to hear from about my covers being cut off...
I got a reply today, they are reprinting my books, making it a priority job.
I couldn't be happier.
Now I wait. *grin*

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Printing my first photobooks

I've gotten my very first photobooks printed at

I didn't know what I was doing, which is why I'm posting this, to help others who are printing for the first time. And for me to remember, next time!

The paper quality is great, and the colours in the printing are very nice. Quite accurate! I'm very pleased, but my first look at the book I already noticed something that made me a bit less excited about their arrival...
the covers were trimmed wrongly:

I have emailed them, on Wednesday, and am waiting for a reply from them. I will update when they get back to me.

I was sure to stay well inside their red guidelines, but yet, they managed to cut inside them. a bit of a bummer. Still, I could always way it was artistically done that way, but I know it wasn't. :)

The other disappointment, and this one is completely my fault, is that with 24 pages to a book, I thought the books would be thicker! I do not know why I was expecting the thickness of a 100 page book. I just hadn't really thought about it much. But they are sweet books. Really fun. I wish I was into writing children's books as this is the perfect format!! But that one I got over quite quickly, because it was a very silly expectation!

The one thing that made me wonder "how will I proceed" is that their cutting guides on their template are not square. You are printing a square book but they give you guides, with margins, and they can trim anywhere within those margins but the guide is a rectangle! I wasn't going to stretch my pages, of course not, but I had to think of how they might make a square page fit... I figured they'd trim more on the width and less on the top/bottom.

♦ ♦ ♦
I got the two books, 24 pages, for $9 through one of the Living Social deals. I felt I could afford to just have fun, and come what may. So I tried different ways of dealing with the margin issue, and the square/not-square one too.

On some pages I added a white border as can be seen on the RIGHT page below
and on the LEFT page, I bled to the top and bottom line, and over bled on the left margin a bit, that's how I could fit my square page within their red guide.

This spread looks pretty good in the book.

These two pages are the "centerfold" of the book, Next time I'll keep that in mind and make it a double-page spread there!

This is the page from the template:

The image above links to page on the right in the MScraps gallery. Credits for the page on the left are here

You can see below the poor alignment in the centre of the spread. Despite my doing exactly what their guides suggested for the middle of the page.
That's pretty common throughout both books, most pages are a bit more to the left than they should be, but it's OK, most people wouldn't notice looking at the book. But I notice! :giggle:
This is what I mean:

♦ ♦ ♦
For some other pages, where the LO lent itself to that, I decided to stretch my page beyond the guides, so they could be trimmed anywhere and thus avoid a white margin around.
I did lose a bit of details from the very edges of the papers (left page mostly), but I'm happy with the way the page looks.

I extended my LO all the way to the edge of the guide's page on all three sides.

The white you see on either side is just he program's background. So my LO covers their whole template page.

photo links to page on the right for credits, you'll be taken the the MScraps Gallery. For the page on left was made with a kit from the very talented Ruth Melody. I do not believe this kit is available for sale anywhere.

♦ ♦ ♦

For some of the other pages, I just imported the same background paper used, or another paper from the kit used on the page, and stretched my actual LO to the left/right border and let the background paper show on the top and bottom. That's also quite effective.

Doing it this way I ended up with a "fairly" even border on three sides (I placed a white paper under the first page as you could see the other, similarly coloured, page behind, and it made the borders look weird)

♦ ♦ ♦

I reworked the page below to have the cluster at the bottom extend past the original page. It's not perfect, but again I didn't know exactly where they would be trimming. They pretty much trimmed on the bottom red line for this one. I don't mind the way it looks but I feel I could have worked that cluster a bit more so it would have been a bit more off the bottom of the page. I'll know better next time.

The page in the program (clicking on the image will take you to the original page):

and a close up of the bottom cluster, which is not too bad.

♦ ♦ ♦

I think that pretty much sums up the different ways I tried to deal with the rectangular template to make a square page. Next time I'll know a bit better.

All in all, really fun to see one's pages in print!!

Perhaps my little (LONG) rant will help anyone going down that path, know what to expect.

I also suggest you hop on by Elisa's blog to see how she dealt with her books:
she goes into great detail about how she went about making them. I used a slightly different approach. I copied to a folder on my computer, all the images I would consider printing, then into a sub folder, I moved my absolute favourites, and that was about it. I had to remove a few, add a few (same photo used in two layouts for instance, didn't want those in the same book)... and that was about it.

♦ ♦ ♦

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