Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Blog's Got a Bug

ooh, some links don't work on the side... so I'll try to fix them.
My Blog's not the only one with a bug. Hurray for Winter... if only I had shares in "Kleenex"!!!

Been feeling unispired and mojo less lately but I think it's slowly creeping back in, the addition of some stamps from a company in the USA for which I will make sample cards, and some new Krafty Lady moulds and R&P Stamps coming my way... Mr. Mojo and Ms. Muse should return home soon. (THEY HAD BETTER! *grin*).

In the meantime, here's something I made to keep myself busy.

Myléne H. taught me how. I had seen them around a lot and thought they were neat stuff! [they look much nicer with better beads, but this is what I had on hand. I suggest different size/shapes of beads]. I have scanned it on light and dark background as they offer very different views of one identical piece.

Oh, I have since added a clasp to it too (oops, forgot to scan that!!!).
I may, MAY, have killed the Blog Bug now... we'll see. But yes, Hurray, Success!!! Seems now, if anyone wanted to leave a comment, they can :) and view my older posts too. And no more "page not found" yippee. I love when things actually work out. Maybe I should get my stamps out!!!

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