Monday, September 18, 2006

Polymer Clay + Transfer = Excitement

Well, while there's other things I've been meaning to post about, but keep running out of time, here's a quickie! I've been having fun with polymer clay lately. I made a bracelet for Krafty Lady, and a pendant which I'm going to scan soon, it'll be on the same page. And on the weekend I tried my very first Polymer Clay Transfer. I had no idea what I was doing (well, I did have a vague idea as there's lots of good tutorials on the web) ... but it WORKED!!! Ok, it's not finished, it needs something around it and a hoop to make it a necklace, but I am just so excited I have to post it here.

I also had another first (in many years) I went roller skating with my daughters this weekend. They take lessons, and I took one too to get "back on my feet" so to speak. I used to skate at Ceasar's Palace in Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada :) when I was ... in my teens, and it's been about 15-20 years since I wore ice skates!
I had a lot of fun and we'll be doing it again (yes, I did have one fall, didn't hurt myself except for the fact that I think I kicked my right shin with my left skate or something... can't remember, I was too busy worrying about the fact that I was falling and might really hurt myself to remember what was going on with my feet!!! But I have a nice deep bruise to the left of the tibia... oh well, could have been heaps worse!).

Have a great day, I have some Spring Cleaning to do!! (and some polyclay to bake!)


Natalie B said...

France love this transfer! Gorgeous image. Well done on your 2 firsts... Nat

France said...

Thanks Natalie!!!

Linda K said...

Hi France. Found your blog from your email signature. I love your stuff! I will be baaaaaack.
Linda K.

JulieKatTaiwan said...

Looks beautiful!

Funny oops... I was reading my blogrolls, the friends section... thought I'd clicked on Helena (a scrapper) but saw this post was about a transfer (so thought it was Heather Taylor's... which is just under Helena's) and that she made a sample for Krafty lady... thought to myself, hey, that's the company France works for. Small world! Then when I read "with my daughter's" oops, can't be Heather, must be Helena? I thought she just had one girl... took me forever to figure out it was your blog. I was staring at the title for the longest time.... I'm blaming it on the hormones from the pregnancy!

Janet&Carl said...

gorgeous transfer France
Janet (Aka Scarlettvixen) from the aussie PC egroup

France said...

Thanks Linda, Julie, and Janet!!! :)