Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Does anyone know why I'm still stuck in 2006?

Ok, I've tried changing my template, using the same as other people whose date shows 2007/January, I logged out, logged in again. I don't think I have any weird settings, but WHY? oh! WHY? are my archives showing up as 2006?
Do you have any clue??

Julie K couldn't leave a message yesterday but she asked how I'd done the Faux Amber... it's really easy. I got the instructions on Parole de Pâte, it's basically some Pinata inks (brown or yellow), or you could use Adirondack Alcohol inks too, in some translucent clay, and then proceed to bake and then "control burn" (and don't breathe the fumes) until it reached the colour you want. Sort of putting sugar on top of something and heating it to caramelise it. Lots of fun.

I wish I was still in 2006, it would mean an extra three weeks of holidays!!! Oh, right, add some eye candy.... ok :) This is a little necklace I whipped up quickly as Kristine needed a couple samples made with this mould. I also made an ATC. You can see these pieces and more in my Krafty Inspirational Challenge.


Dawnie said...

LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE this necklace France.SOOOO beautiful.een to look at the inspirations to France.OH my you have been a busy chicky.Excellent wearable art France.
VERY inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.

Dawn xxx

France said...

Hi Dawn :) thanks so much!!!!!

Julie H said...

WOWWWWWW - I love this!!! Just beautiful. Oooh, now I have another idea - wonder if I could do one with linked faces?

I would love to wear something like this.

Oh and just noticed that your little weather guys said 39 in Perth and -19 in Montreal. I think the 25 we are having in Albany is about perfect!

France said...

Julie, this would look great with AM064 XLge 2 Doll Faces and if you don't hurry, I might just have to steal your idea! I hope your computer gets better soon!!