Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Work is good.

Just very quickly to let you all know that work is good!
Scary in a way as you have to make very few mistakes, which is sort of normal for just about every job, though there, I have to enter some long strings of numbers, with some letters, and sometimes I feel like the numbers are playing tricks on me!
Looks like there's plenty to do and that I will be able to reach my 15 hours no problem, at least for a few week, so if I can pass the first month's probation I should be a very happy chickie!!!
Ok. that's all, short and sweet... for today.


Julie H said...

woohoo! Glad you like it. It makes work so different when you do. I have to confess that I am one of the people who supports the concept - so long as you canhave time off if your child is home sick. I am sure that your employers will just love you.

Rick said...

Is work still good?