Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pressies for teachers

finally done.
green: lettuce FO, "lucky lettuce" was the name DD2 came up with
pink, white, green: watermelon
peach/light yellow: peach bellini (champagne and peach)

enjoy, that's all I have time for tonight!
I did make another batch of soap this weekend, but the photos were fuzzy, so eye candy of that one will have to wait, but it looks like caramel and smells like pineapple! YUM!!!


Pauline Laing said...

Lucky teachers! What a good idea too. I'm doing cheesy nibbles for mine. I finally worked out that MAKING is easier than BUYING anything at this crowded time of year.

Danielle D said...

Ooh, they're soapsicles, how cool. They look really tasty, too.

Sulea said...

Gosh they look so yummy.