Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Soaps

Thank you Soaps

Saw this great tutorial at The Soap Queen's Blog .
I thought it would be the perfect thing to make for a small thank you present I have to make. I decided too that I need more micas! *VBG* they add sparkle to soaps. The rubber stamp is one I got made a while back, with polymer, and it's perfect for this as it has really nicely rounded edges (you should see the way I usually chop my stamps!! Well, actually pretty well, but not as smooth as polymer can be!)

This below is another one I made too.

Thank you Soaps

Anne-Marie could make anyone love Melt and Pour!! Check her out on You Tube - SoapQueen TV too!


Heather T. said...

Wow, those are beautiful, France!!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

They look fabulous! Those videos you posted about make it look so easy... I'm still not convinced though. Maybe because I don't have a microwave nor the nice tools (glass measuring cup, scale, etc)

Anne-Marie said...

Awww. Thanks for the soapy shout out =) They turned out great!!