Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coffee and Melt and Pour Soap

Coffee soap that is. I might call it "Café avec un nuage de lait" a combination of an old Asterix joke (though in Asterix the "nuage the lait" was in tea, but I digress!)....

Another version of the JMDault Recipe! Fun, it's only coloured by the Fragrance Oils (Turkish Coffee and Vanilla Select from Brambleberry -- I had to add vanilla because I didn't have enough coffee.

And this morning we made this below for a party we're off to in a few moments:

the star is from an Ikea mould. So much fun and what a special present (even if this is not the first time I've made it!) . I also got my SoapyLove book! What fun!


Heather T. said...

*grins* I totally remember Asterix!! The Brits had some really funny French accents in that one... =) Beautiful soap!

Anonymous said...

Great soaps, and aweseome for you for being so healthy. Good work!