Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving baking...

Well, whilst there's a lot to be thankful for, we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, it's ok by me as we didn't do it much in Québec either. But, with all the talk of pumpkin around, and being I love pumpkin stuff (specially when made with my favourite, the butternut squash!)... I've been indulging myself.
Yeah yeah, some of you will say "indulging?" I thought you were on a wheat free/grain free/blah blah diet.... well, first off I don't consider this a diet, not more than someone being a vegan or vegetarian would say of themselves that they are on a diet.
I've decided, in a quest for a healthier, and albeit a bit smaller, body, to try out the wisdom dished out by Maria Emmerich.

The first time I heard her name, it was from Romy... but I could swear I had been on that site just a few weeks earlier when looking up a recipe for a flourless chocolate torte, but I'll never know which came first (a bit like the chicken and the egg!)...

anyway, suffice it to say that I noticed Maria was using ingredients I was already familiar with... such as natural sugar substitutes (stevia, xylitol, etc), flaxseed, almond flour, and whey protein powder. I won't get into any of those, Maria's Blog is chock full of info!!!

So I looked around, read, looked some more, and read some more, and wow, it seemed pretty good and not too hard to follow. Proof: I've been eating no grains (no wheat, no rice, no oats, etc), and no sugar (well, except for the incidentals that seem to creep in everywhere, like even in Organic Vanilla Extract?!?), and it's working for me. It's a bit hard to not be able to open a packet of rice crackers, or have a quick bowl of cereal, as one has to make that stuff (crackers/cereal/etc) but the main improvement is that my dark circles (usually a sign of gluten intolerance) under my eyes seem to have faded, I sleep better, I think I'm not as grumpy/edgy/stressed though DH would need to confirm that one. I also think my clothes are getting bigger!

Anyway, check out Maria's Blog for more info, but in the meantime, this is in the oven... and I can't wait to taste it!

Photo from Maria Emmerich's Blog, used with permission. Thanks Maria!!

While you are there, check out the other pumpkin recipes she has on hand and be inspired!!!

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Unknown said...

I'm happy to have taken you to the "dark side" and thrice as happy that it works for you too.
Sorry to be a cause to update your closet, though!! lol

good luck, my friend!