Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two more blog trains! (a year later!!)

But a different story this time, first off, this weekend is Memory Scraps's 5th Birthday

and we have a blog hop going on and this time, instead of making a template, I made a mini kit!!
My very first attempt at making such a thing. I've recoloured elements in the past but nothing like a kit.
My part is not available on this blog, but you can get it if you go to the MScraps Party Central in the forum and follow the train! My part is the very last part, it was used for the MScraps Facebook Page (thanks to the kind person who commented to let me know my part was hard to find. Not surprising, I had the wrong link!).

Here's what my portion looks like

and there's games here where you can win prizes and coupons!

oh, and I said "two trains" well, the other one is a different story and will go live on February first, so please come back a little later 


I can give you a sneak peek however:
well, hoping that was enough for you to want to come back! Enjoy and see you at MScraps... I'm also hosting a game there during the celebrations... FUN!!! 


makeyesup said...

Your kit looks good, just can't find the download. Your link brings you to Shop page, not the forum, and don't see your name in the forum listing either.

France said...

ooh...... my mistake...
the hop is here:
and i'm the last stop, the MScraps FB Page! Thanks so much for letting me know!

Crystalnva said...


Pam K said...

France -- I didn't realize that the last portion of the hop was your creation. It is lovely! You've done a great job!