Saturday, November 26, 2016

Liquid Sleep Blend and how a diffuser changed my sleeping habits

I've been looking into oils which may help a better night's sleep lately because it's one of my issues, and because it seems that and digestion are the problems that plague many people I encounter.

This recipe below is by Hayley Hobson (I believe in giving credit where it is due), it's a recipe for a roller bottle for those who don't have a ultrasonic diffuser (love mine, it changed my sleep!), if you don't have an actual roller bottle you can blend these oils in a little container and dip your finger in it... that will work just as well. If you'd like roller bottles, I can point you to some people who sell them (if you want oils and aren't a dōTERRA member/Wellness Advocate yet, I'll show you the way!)...

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I haven't tried this particular blend yet but it's similar to a few I've been experimenting with, might make one today though (Yay! Got to love Saturdays!).

With any "recipe" you find with essential oils, you can actually modify it for either a smaller roller bottle, a diffuser blend, a balm, a room spray, or even into beauty products such as soaps and the like. You have to pay attention to a few things, like, is it an oils that is meant to be diluted for sensitive skins (so you definitely don't want to apply those neat), and use your head a little but yes, for instance, the recipe below, if I were to use it in a diffuser, I'd either mix everything up in a small bottle (or a bottle with a dropper) and divide the recipe by 5, fill my diffuser that goes on for 12 hours, and stop it when I wake up in the morning, and turn it on again the next night. It's pretty easy. Contact me if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

Now, for those of you still reading, thanks. I've been using essential oils for a while, I still remember a horrible cold I had one year and kept sniffing Thyme from a tissue, I smelled like pepperoni pizza (that's the memory I have)... I was pretty unhealthy back then, and wish I'd known about blends such as On Guard or Easy Air/Breathe... But it seemed to help, enough for me to continue despite the pepperoni smell! 😁 I have always have some sort of essential or another around, Lemongrass and Tea Tree/Melaleuca to make a rubbish bin deodorising spray, Eucalyptus to remove stains on carpets (and that bloody blutack that gets everywhere!), to name only a few.

Fast forward to September 2014... Id' been following a blog which was full of GREAT essential oils ideas.... and she was mentioning this "ultrasonic diffuser"... well, that same month, I walked past the chemist (pharmacy) and they had a diffuser on special for $50, and it came with a calming oil blend (similar to the Lavender Peace/Serenity that dōTERRA offers), I bought two! One for our room, and one for the girls' room... I slept through the night that night! I was sold!

Then comes May 2015 I get an invitation to a "Winter Wellness with dōTERRA" class - "yay, let's go find out some more about those dōTERRA oils I read about on that blog", well, I was hooked. I had the BEST peppermint chocolate milk EVER (thanks to the glorious Peppermint essential oil dōTERRA offers), some amazing immune boosting power bites, and other fabulous dishes (dip, soup, etc).

A year and a half later, and a few empty bottles too and I can say that I didn't get the normal knock-me-out-flu that I normally have in Winter, Hubby who gets it too each year has benefited, and I solve more and more issues with natural solutions. And... I sleep a lot better, I don't have that WORRY-WORRY-WORRY feelings I get when I wake up in the middle of the night, I usually just roll over and fall back asleep, I also feel that generally I'm a lot more calm and grounded than I was (most often than not, I still get irritated by some things and some people! But I'm working on that.)

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