Monday, March 21, 2005

Off with the fairies...

Well, last week, I visited the Pickled Fairy with my daughter Véronique after her speech therapy appointment. For over a year now she's been asking me for a Fairy dress. The bloody things are $40, and I need to buy two because Véronique has a twin sister, Cordelia... None of this "let's buy one, it'll last a few years, and then we can hand it down to the younger sister" in this house!!!
So, on Friday, I was back in Fremantle (can't remember what for) and found myself at Spotlight, and found some fabric, shiny purplish-pink fabric, at $1 a metre as there was only 2.5 metres left on the roll. Well, I HAD to go and check out the fairy netting, didn't I??? So $20 later I have enough fabric to make TWO Fairy Dresses.
I have so far made a "top" with an old sheet, made my own pattern because none of Butterick, Burda, McCalls or Simplicity has what I was after..... well, it fit! First fitting was perfect! I was overjoyed! The skirt will be easy to make, as long as I remember to make it wide enough so that the girls can walk in it and not be like Morticia Adams!!
Then I went and cut 42 little triangles of tulle!!! 21 for each skirt, I'm thinking of doing three rows, one pink, one blue, and one purple...
So this morning I start hemming the edges of the little triangles. I was worried it wouldn't work but it did... then, what should happen, my sewing machine became possessed and decided to go at FULL SPEED and would NOT STOP!!! First thought, YANK THE PLUG!!! wellllll...... even after the foot pedal cooled down, whenever I plugged it back it... bat outta hell again!!!
Well, my dear husband offered to make a phone call for me (while I finished another job I had started, which involved colouring in some stuff for Véronique to be able to play some barrier games to learn how to explain things and listen to instructions better) - good news... no need to get a new sewing machine, we can buy a replacement foot, lucky for us, there was one waiting for us in Fremantle. DH changed it, and now my sewing machine works a treat. Only 30 more little triangles to edge.
So far so good.
If they turn out nice, you'll get to see them!!!!!
I'm starting to think that $40 isn't that expensive for a fairy dress (if you have the money, or if you can't sew!!! even with the new footpedal though I'm still a few dollars ahead! and a working sewing machine which will hopefully last a few more years! *giggle*)

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