Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Been busy?

A friend commented that my blog hadn't been updated since November! How is that possible? Who is in charge here? Do I need to fire anyone? well, me, probably :) So I come here to blogspot, and notice they are not in Beta anymore and I have to switch my blog (thought I'd done that already), and then I notice my template needs updating (doesn't feature some of the new features I've seen on other blogs) so I start playing around, it says it's saving my old template... but now I can't find it anywhere, I *think* it's somewhere on the 5 x 4 GIG DVD Backups DH did for me recently! Luckily they are somewhat organised, so I might be able to find the last one that worked... That's what I get for being too clever ;) but like another friend said, there's enough dumming down! So I'm proud to be clever and make mistakes :)

Though, I just realised that means I'll have to add my links all over again ... and also that there's a bug in the blog, my current post, made in Jan07, shows up as being Dec06 for some reason. ... ??? weird :)

I've been really quiet lately because I have had my energy sapped by the end of the year frenzy, and also because I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, which is making me a miserable guts :) I've also noticed, now that the pain is so prominent, how long I've been having problems with my legs and feet! Anyway, I'll spare you the details, but I'm doing what I can to get rid of them... I did however get a pair of Crocs Shoes (yes, I know!!! how bloody TRENDY! hehehe!) and they are wonderful... they are very smooshy. Wish I could order an Rx pair from the USA site though, they have a pair made specially for plantar fasciitis... maybe I'll get one of my agents on the case :)

This said, I've been busy again at Krafty Lady, both in updating the galleries and the DT pages, and creating a few things... never a dull moment. Our current project is really cool and I can't wait to unveil everyone's artwork!!

Hmmmm, I guess I should give you a bit of Eye Candy... ???
I've uploaded a Faux Amber piece, at least that's what I was trying to do.
As for my template, well... time will tell... whether or not I succeed. Sorry for being so absent, and thanks if you keep coming hoping I have something to say :)
Ooooh, I uploaded the Industria ATCs from a swap I held on StampGropers/SGATC ... in November :) I quite like Picasa, though I have to figure out how to add the captions on my computer, before uploading ;) always something to learn, never a dull moment...


Heather T. said...

Oh no, not plantar fasciitis! That one is an ouchy. I'm sorry. It does go away, eventually... Glad to see you writing again. =)

Heather T. said...

Euh, et je note 31C Australie, et -15C Canada. T'es vraiment a l'autre bout du monde, hein?

Jeni Calkins said...

Hi France, I had Plantar Fascitis and it hurts, five treatments of acupuncture and I’ve been pain free for years.

France said...

acupuncture sounds great! I have to say that since wearing my Crocs and icing my feet three times a day (when I remember) I feel less pain than I did... but I'll inquire about acupuncture.
Thanks for the idea!!