Thursday, January 18, 2007


Some days you see things and you just have to let other people know about it.
Today I came across karooart's polymer clay creations on Flickr, she makes GORGEOUS beads; and Alan's creations on Photobucket, he's got some beautiful canes, and gorgeous butterfly canes at that too, and some little creatures, like tortoises, and seahorses... and some really cool (and scary) snake head letter openers! They look real.

I'm busy finishing my Krafty Lady screen project... so there's no eye candy from me today (everything I've made is on the Krafty Lady site anyway!)

I emailed Blogger about my date problem, I'll keep you posted :) I know it's a bug, I just don't know how to fix it. When it's fixed, I'll add my links back to my friends blogs and other places on the web... :)


Sulea said...

oh France......... your faux amber piece below and the necklace are just gorgeous!!! Such rich colours! :oD wow... :o)


Janis said...

Hi France, I also love your faux amber but I think I'd get anxious watching a controlled burn. I'm surfing around looking at other blogs to get an idea of how to improve mine. I've also found things disappear after I've backed them up but I think they've gone off into the fourth dimension never to be seen again.

France said...

Hi Sulea and Janis
Yes, it's a bit stressful "controlled burning" but it's fun... and the worse that can happen is that it'll make a lot of smoke (though possibly toxic) and look like coal! tee!hee!!

Thanks for stopping by!!