Sunday, February 04, 2007

ah! found my old skin!

Well, well...

nice to have this new (previous, really) look, don't know if it'll keep or not, until I find out there's things that just won't work, but I can do without the bells and whistles, it's good to hvae my links back!!! AND THE RIGHT DATE!!! Blogspot people never got back to me about my date issue... (no, not that type of date! I'm happily married, just that I was still in 2006, and while that would be really nice, as I might now find out where December really went, I'd rather evolve with the times, up to a point though, so I'm back in Brown!!! hehehe! and quite happy about it, we'll see if it works for a while!)

Ok, so here's a great pic of my gorgeous friend Barbara with none other than Lukas Rossi and ... yup, Tommy Lee... I told you about Barb and her involvement with Lukas earlier (she basically told him to get his @$$ on that plane and to go to the audition! and paid for his ticket). Barb is VP Creative, at EMI: Canada! And I miss her!!

Barb and some Supernova Rock Stars! What is it with men getting bald/receiding hairlines younger and younger these days? That's a topic for another day... but seriously, think about it.

I am VERY lucky, I got to play with some NEW Krafty Lady Art Moulds© while they were being launched at CHA!

Nikki (the recipient) said "looks like authentic 7th century weaponry to me." I was thrilled because, this theme was a challenge for me.

Celtic Shield

love this one!!! dunno why? It feels "cleopatra-esque"...

and this one... just love it (too!)... it happened by accident, some mix of clay I was making didn't work out the way I wanted it to, so I put a bit more black and just put it in that mould as I was dying to try it :) LOVED the results!!! and apparently a few of my friends too!

I even sold a pair of earrings! Now, that is a FUN feeling!!!


and thanks to all the clayers at AussiePolyClayers for giving me ideas of other colours of clay I could use, and other colours of patina! You lot are generous and talented, and thank you for the encouragement!!! Looks like I'm being pressured (you know who you are!!!) into selling stuff on Etsy. My friend Sulea sells some of her paintings there.

Well, a few other friends keep saying 2007 is going to be "a ripper, mate!" so maybe they know something I don't... I better not miss the boat!!!

NOTE: while I'm happy to share and inspire others, please respect my intellectual property. I know, it sound snobbish, but it's better than saying "Do not plagiarise my work for capital gain. Do not take my ideas and sell/promote them as your own" doesn't it? :-) in short: Play Fair, Play Nice. thankyouverymuch!!

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Heather T. said...

Wow, look at you go! Awesome stuff!