Monday, February 12, 2007

From rubber to polymer

I originally posted this in my Stampamajiggies blog. But I can't see the point of having two blogs when this one has become such a mish-mash of things around me. So I am moving posts on this blog, to delete the other one. I'm trying to post them by marking them with the date they were originally posted. Fingers Crossed.
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Hello! It's been a while since I posted anything to this side of the blog, and this past weekend I was thinking that I need to organise myself and write down techniques so I don't forget them... this "tekkie" blog seemed like the right place. It'll stay the Stampamajiggies because I can't find anything clever with polymer clay, and I plan to still use my stamps!!!! :)
so here I go, first off, inspired by Natalie Briney's RAK, which was created with Aqua and Copper paint (and I suspect some black Gesso on the daisy, Krafty Lady AM157)

ATC © Natalie Briney

I started to play with my own Copper and Celadon paints... The atc below was done by painting the background in Celadon, then I clear embossed the Flourish (#2541, then I had fun with copper paint, adding some to the edges using my transdermal applicator (finger, term coined by Kelsey O'Mullane) to get paint around the edges. Before it dried, I wiped it from the clear EP. Oh, and I stamped in the paint with the stamp as well, though you can't really tell, to create a "negative" image so to speak. Clean the stamp right after though.
The little cutie pie is from collages sheets from Inka. I sandwiched her between two microscope slides, which I had to trim to be about 1/4 inch shorter - if that... (what, about 4 mm?)
then wrapped some copper wire around the bottom of the slide. The #5 is a wooden number I found in the kids craft section of a stall at a nearby shopping mall. She looked about 5yo to me!

ATC © by France Chevalier.

This is fun to do with just about any colours. I love playing with acrylic paints! The mask below is Krafty Lady AM166 cast with Delight Air Dry Modelling Clay, and painted with Celadon and Copper paints

© France Chevalier

If you do find this useful, please let me know so I know even one person saw it :) Thanks!!!

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Natalie had left a comment on the other blog:
Natalie B said...
Ohhh france I just found this blog....Love what you've done with this girl image and the paints! Yumm

Sunday, February 25, 2007 11:41:00 AM

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