Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Black and Gold

I've been playing with some black clay and gold leaf! I've seen this technique a few times, and finally yesterday a project I found, and this tech, seemed to be calling out my name.

The project is a blade holder... tissue blades are as dangerous as razor blades :) and LONGER!!! and a pain in the youknowhat to carry around, so Marie-Hélène wrote up a tutorial on Parole de Pate. And I copied her :)

The black Premo I had was really stiff and dry, and having not had much success adding oil to clay to make it softer, in the past, I thought I'd blend it with a bit of Sculpey III... at the moment, my blade holder is a bit flexible, maybe it'll stiffen a bit with time, sometimes clay does?! I think!!

Then of course I had to make it count... so I used some moulds from my Challenge: Krafty Inspiration, hmmm, black and gold, Egypt... the Egyptian Cat, of course!!!

Then, I had to do something else!! When I made the necklace you can see in a previous post, I thought it would have been nice to make earrings to match... so since I had no more of that mix, I couldn't... Now, with my black and gold mix, seemed like the perfect opportunity (not to mention that I made more than what I needed with that gold finish on top!)!!! So may I present, my set:

Before ANYONE says anything about me selling this set, I noticed that the back of the pendant is not finished very smoothly... sooo... I can't really sell it. I guess I'll have to make another one. Also I made it with "non pierced" earrings as I am all out of findings for pierced earrings, so I had to borrow my daughters' "fun" earrings...

Well, I'm tickled pink (hmmm, I'm tickled Black and Gold doesn't sound as nice) with the results... if you want to see more stuff, go have a little stroll at the Krafty Lady website! Yes, I'm still having FUN!!!


Natalie B said...

France these are awesome!! They look fabulous...

France said...

Thanks Natalie!!! It's always fun, as you undoubtedly know with your painting experiments, when you try a new technique and it actually WORKS!!! :)

Unknown said...

coucou ! Contente que ça t'ai plu !

Je suis un peu occupée par les cours et la fatigue monte vite au cerveau.... j'espère avoir plus de temps pour faire de la polymère d'ici quelque semaines... c'est pas gagné...

Bonne semaine

Dawnie said...

Love these France.Would love a close-up on the blade holder
(Next SAJ's ?)
I still think you could make mullah on your wearable art, even with the back not so smooth. Who will be looking at the back ?
Only you France. VBG
The beauty of the handmade , am I right ?

So looking forwad to the demo too.
Thanks for sharing France
D xxx

Heather T. said...

Delicious and yummy!!!

BrigitteG said...

France !!
super cool !! il faudra que j'essaye aussi ! (j'ai tellement de projets a finir !!)
Brigitte G.