Monday, February 12, 2007

Hmmm, polymer now... Mokume à la France

I originally posted this in my Stampamajiggies blog. But I can't see the point of having two blogs when this one has become such a mish-mash of things around me. So I am moving posts on this blog, to delete the other one. I'm trying to post them by marking them with the date they were originally posted. Fingers Crossed.
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Hmmm, my last post had NO polymer clay in it, so I owe you one...
This technique is one I whipped up quickly (after a lot of reading and information gathering...). It's based on the Mokume Gane technique. Here I used some gold Sculpey III, some gold mixed with a bit of yellow to make a yellower gold ;) and some blue, looks like a light blue, maybe even Pearl Blue from Sculpey III. I made the polymer thin with the pasta machine, then stacked it, and between a couple of the layers, I put in some faux gold leaf. I cut, stacked, cut, stacked... just like faux wood or the like (see below for links!). Then I used my block and did something similar to what I remembered from the Faux Paua technique on PCC, and some Mokume Gane instructions (I think!)... I poked the clay!! Poke here, poke there, I think I used an old pen or the non-brush end of a paintbrush. Then I squeezed it all back together, cut slices, and moulded them. The first necklace, which is also in my main blog, was done with Krafty Lady AM020, the Fleur de Lis with AM138, the earrings with AM025 andAM254, both the same mould in different sizes. The last one used up the rest of my clay (though I did find just enough at the bottom of my little box and am in the process to make earrings to go with the first necklace!!!) was done with one of the NEW MOULDS: AM320 X3Lge Half Circle.

© France Chevalier © France Chevalier © France Chevalier © France Chevalier

The earrings were brushed with Pearl Ex (Gold) but the rest were "as is".
There you go, one more secret in the open :)
Again, all images and ideas © France Chevalier - if you copy my idea, please give credit where it's due.
If you got inspired I wish you: Happy Creating!!!!!
Links which inspired this technique:
Mokume Gane -Tutorial on mokume gane, which explains the idea behind the technique.
Faux Paua - I used the stacking technique, but didn't fill the holes, just squeezed everything together. Up to step 6, and didn't difform in step 7, just pushed everything back without distorting (well, trying not to, too much!)
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