Friday, April 13, 2007

Now you can make one too!

Hi all!
I've done it, wrote a tutorial for the post it note booklet, of course there's some on the web, but I like to do things my own way :)

You can read all about it here.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Kristy C said...


kelsey said...

Great tutorial France! Love the red book...just gorgeous!

Natalie B said...

Thanks so much France for sharing your tutorial with me. I am currently making my second one as a gift. I love the red book, just gorgeous. :-)

Susanne said...

This is so beautiful that I made a post it booklet for Mum for Mother's Day. Now who else can I give one to? Can't thank you enough

France said...

You all know how to stroke a woman's ego! Thank you for your kind comments :)

France said...

here's a different version of a similar concept. i'm browsing the web on "not my computer" and thought this was the best way to find the link again (didn't really want to fire an email program and email myself the link!)