Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time's got wings again!

I cannot believe it's been two months since I stopped by here!
I have been busy, still making samples for Krafty Lady but I have also had to go back to work, part time, to keep receiving our "family allowance/parent payment" (not even sure of the right name for it) but once your youngest turn 7, or by July this year, we parents, as if we dind't have enough to do, have to go back to work... I am very lucky that I managed to secure a volunteer position (you can "work for the dole" i.e. volunteer and not get paid, or you can get real work, well, for me so far that's what's been going on!) at our school...

The best part of volunteering is that when the littlies have the flu, you don't feel too guilty calling in sick! Plus I'm also working on their website, which I do from home, so when the girls are sick, there'll be more work done on the site. Well, so far I worked two days, and then the girls got a cold, so ... we simply started our Easter Holidays earlier... oh, and did I mention how much fun it is to have the same holidays as the kids? Yay!
I will probably have to get a "real" job eventually, but this suits me just fine for now. I started working around... 14 or so, summer job while going to school, and worked until I had to move here to have our children :) it's been just about 9 years since I last had a job, so it's quite a shock to the system!!!
But all in all, it's just "another phase" of life, isn't it?

Hope you like my little post it note booklet... might be gifts for teachers for this year! Still early, but the next thing we'll know, is that it's going to be December!

Ooh, if you look to the right, I started listing items on Etsy. I've got a few more to find and list, but I want to make sure I HAVE them before I list them, so I do have to find them!!


Natalie B said...

Hi France

Wow I love this post it note booklet!! Do you happen to have instructions handy on how to do the booklet? Love it love it love it!! Nat

kelsey said...

Love the post-it note book France! That scarab bug looks just perfect on there. Is this the book that has the room for 1 big post-it book and 2 small ones?

Paper Passions said...

Hi France, Thanks for the info re the family assistance payments. I like you have worked since I was about 15 and only stopped working when I had my kids. I'm into my 6th year out of the workforce. My youngest is about to turn 4 so I guess I have a few more years to go, but in the meantime have to cope with the pressure from my hubby to return to work next year when they are both in full-time school. I agree there is enough to do at home and after school activities, where would I fit in work? The book is gorgeous too. I'm looking for ideas for handmade gifts this year for family back East to save some money to justify my existence at home.
Sharon Allen

France said...

Hi Gals!
Thanks for the comments :)
There is a tutorial in the works, a few days, no longer, I promise! It's almost done.
Sharon, I know the feeling... though I never got any pressure, except that of Centrelink :)
I find on days where I help out at the school (via Starworks or just as a parent) I often forget to get anything ready to make dinner with... you know, things like defrost food!! *sigh* good thing we women, are good at juggling :)

Kelsey, the one in the picture is for the square notes, about 76mm x 76 mm I think?? 3"x3".

:) thanks for stopping by !!!!!

Ev said...

glad to see you posting again..maybe when you are ready for going back to work you will have a good chance of working at the school. I think that the real problem is finding work that fits around school hours. I love the note holder, the colours are just stunning.