Friday, May 18, 2007

The importance of good lighting!

I use a blob of blu-tak to clean my Krafty Lady moulds before I use them, it removes any dried clay or dust, or "other" which might be in the moulds. I find often some of the air dry clay leaves some residue.

I wanted to make a mix, after a bit of playing (first time in a long time) with gold and silver, it yields a nice colour, so I mix my clay, but find it has a strange consistency, and though it's gold and I know all about Mica shifts, I can't really tell why it's turning whitish and why it feels so funny tonight. My daylight lamp is not turned on as I have only one extra plug, which was being used by my pasta machine, but the colour seems wrong -- I mutter to myself that I should keep better notes on mixes I like... I pull on the clay and it doesn't behave like it normally does, or so I think. I'm a bit tired, I have a cold, and things don't always make sense when you have a cold...

I look around my desk for inspiration as to what to cast, what to make with that weird blob, and think it might look better once baked... though it looks darn strange... and while my eyes were scanning the contents of my desk (which features some gorgeous spiral beads received in a swap earlier today, more on that soon!) I see my blob of silver clay! How can that be, that's the blob I used to mix with gold??? but... where's my Blue Tak blob??? THEN A BULB LIGHT UP!

No wonder it was all looking weird! I had mixed my gold clay with my blu-tak!!!

Thought I'd share as I think it's a pretty funny story!!


kelsey said...

hahahaha France.....toooo funny!!! Shoulda listened to your KNEW something wasn't quite right!!! lol

Natalie B said...

Too funny France!! I think we've all done similar things (not necessarily with clay). I call it my 'duh' moment. Have a great weekend. Love to see more of your stuff here...hint hint....

Dawnie said...

So can you blame cold and flu tablets France, ha.
Bet you had a giggle at yourself.
Wonder if you could still bake it.
Either its a new product youve created or an explosive material.
hmmm, tempting, NOT.

thanks for sharing

Julie H said...

Thanks for the giggle France - and nice to know I am not the onl one whodoes these silly things.