Monday, May 28, 2007

The beads from the Spiral Bead Swap

Here they are, the fabulous beads I received in the Spiral Bead Swap! Carolyn and Ada's tags were still on so I didn't re-write their names. I wore Charlotte's necklace I made the bail with wire, and I left it on the necklace to scan.
I was really happy with my returns!
I have scanned the charms but yeah, will redo that one as not all the charms were actually on the chain. I need to make jump rings, and it's just one of those little things I haven't gotten around to.


Arty Lady's blog said...

Oh these are just beautiful - wish I knew about the swap!


France said...

Just in case others feel the same, it was a swap on a Polymer Clay Yahoo!Group called Aussiepolyclayers. :) It was not one of Julie Hetherington's infamous charm swaps!! *grin*

kelsey said...

Gorgeous pieces France! Particularly love the top right, can't remember the name now...Charlotte???