Tuesday, June 19, 2007


One day I'm going to just pay for web space! I'm so upset! I was at Geocities, then they stopped allowing FTP access (which makes it really easy to update a site) then I had problems with Topcities, I can't upload there anymore for some reason though my site is still active, so I looked and found a great free, and ad-free, place, but this morning, while looking for something, I stumbled upon my own site, and it's one of those really crappy search pages now. I've emailed Vivid Host (cos I'm Livid! I'm a poet!)... and asked them what happened! I didn't even get an email, and their service when I joined was so good. I'm loathe to move my old website to a blog because, well, it would require work and I don't have the time!

Well, while I'm whinging... We have all been sick, exept for DH, almost got better and got sick again! Not fun! The girls are missing (IMO) too much school, I'm missing out on my "work for the dole"... *sigh* I do enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment...

Which brings me to the latest phase for Work for the Dole, I'm meeting with a "Job Network Agency" on Friday (that all sounds way too George Orwell 1984 to me!) ... I hope I can continue the work I've been doing through Starworks because I'm actually quite enjoying THAT! When I can go that is...

I love how the gov't thinks it's ok, we can all work without problems, kids don't get sick, they can all go to daycare, and doesn't matter if transport is an issue! ?!?!? well, I'm trying to be optimistic and I'll wait and see. The option of going back to school may be open to me, apparently 100 more hours and I'll have enough to get some "study credit"... all this terminology and "user friendly" words... *sigh* I wish they'd leave us mums along and get on the backs of the real dole bludgers! Those who don't already have a pretty full-on/full time job... parenting!!!

Do you like my Buddha? You can see the whole bracelet at Krafty Lady... hmm, it was part of a challenge, so let me give you THE RIGHT PAGE :) Its catalogue number is AM181, so it is about midway on that page...

I wish I could leave you on a positive note, I'm too cold to be happy! hehehe!!! But I'm going to leave you with my moon tie clip.

I loved that blend, but I've run out, it's the same I used for all the 7 Buddhas in the Buddha bracelet, funny how things turn out depending how you manipulate them.

I'm going to go make some soup now I think!!!

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