Monday, January 21, 2008

where does time go

Here's where some of the time goes!

I thought I'd let you know about a great little tripod I bought myself to go with my brand new Canon A550! Not top of the range, but what it can do for less than $200 amazes me! Anyway, the tripod is great, but I don't know why Canon decided to put the tripod stand on the side (under the camera, of course) opposite where the batteries are! This causes the camera to topple! Not a good look! But I tried it with our old Kodak CX7300 and it works a charm!

Got my tripod from autionmax. Those Hong Kong sellers have a funny philosophy, low prices, but high postage, but in the end, the final price is still pretty good!

This is a portion of one of the pics I took with it (I've taken heaps, doing many tests to figure out all the options!)

It's one of Julie's Arches from a shadow box I made for Krafty Lady. I'm pretty happy with the abilities of the camera :) The article by Ken Rockwell has great information and is what really convinced me to buy that one, that, and the fact that my Mum has one and I was able to play with it a bit, and that my Dad, who has been into photography since before I was born, thought it was a good model to buy (he's got the A540, and a couple others! hehehe!!!).

It's nice too because it's light, so I try to always have it with me. I've been taking pictures of just about anything I find pretty, and ended up making making some wallpapers for our computers! You can help yourself, they are for a wide screen, but you can crop however you want (please play nice with my images, they are not to be used for profit - although I'd be happy to custom crop one for you if you wish!). They aren't prize winning pictures, but they certainly add joy to our screens! And they are fun to send to canadian relatives so they can see what grows around here. I can't wait for Birds of Paradise Season!!!!

I might try to print some of those, as SnapFish is having a promotion at the moment, and you can get cheap prints there at any time, and I've seen some neat "altered photo" techniques... something else to try!

Other than that, cortizone shots for my heels seem to have worked ok, though losing a few kgs would certainly help even more.

My job is still great! I passed my month's probation after a few days, being, they said, I'd been hired on 8h/week, and I'd done more than 32 hours already, so they agreed to keep me!
It's so wonderful, because ...
1) they have a killer coffee machine!
2) the people are really nice
3) I enjoy the work I do, some is computer work, some is hands-on pulverised rock handling
4) the hours are flexible,
5) it's on two of the three bus routes which are close to our house,
6) it's on the bus route that goes by our school,
7) the pay is good
8) I can wear just about what I want (except my Nirvana t-shirt which has bad words on the back! which I never had the guts to wear)
9) it's a nice 10 minute walk from the bus to work (from any of the buses I can take) which is great when it's not raining! and it's a half hour walk from my house, when I feel really healthy (and my heel spurs aren't nagging me!)
10) did I mention the coffee? *grin*

I'm sure there's other reasons, but these are the ones I can think of right now!

I've been putting in a few hours extra over the holidays as it's kinda quiet for DH in the IT business, so he's playing Mr Mom, and I am playing the role of The Working Mum! Which reminds me, got to plan something for lunch tomorrow for those little starving growing girls of mine.

I think this is about it for an update, oh, and my mum's visit for October and November... that's another factor that kept me away from the computer. I will spare you the details, but will say that my mum, who is 24 years older than me, put on roller skates and skated with the girls at Rolloways! I don't skate at the moment, the skates are very painful with heel spurs for some reason. Also, I am still shell shocked from the last few falls I had! LOL! Though, when I'm not falling, I have a great time!!

Well, one's got to do what one's got to do, and for now, my priorities well... they are'a'changing.

cheers and be well until next time! (oh, and I do want to give this blog an overhaul, a bit tired of brown!)


Julie H said...

France please tell me where you work, I am intriqued by the pulverised rock.

The photo's are fantastic. What fun a new camera is - I am sure your girls are scared to pull a face incase you click.

kelsey said...

I secretly fly up to Argyle Diamond Mine to play with all the pretty (to be) rocks!!! Actually, my hubby is up there at the moment and I asked him to bring me something "nice" back...though I don't think it's going to be shiny & set in gold how I like though! lol

Congrats on enjoying your job and good coffee is certainly a good reason for staying!

Lovely pics too, very vibrant colours!

Dawnie said...

Sounds like life is sweet in France's world.Fabo my friend that all is going great guns for you right now.Love these pics with your new camera which makes me go hmmmm..that might be on my wishlist for this years birthday.

Great seeing an update
Dawnie xxx

Sulea said...

hey France,

Good to hear you are doing so well. Happy New Year! I am curious about the pulverised rock too hehhe :o)