Sunday, March 02, 2008

Altered what???

Never thought of altering THAT! Not that I would know where to start! That's such a lovely computer (just so you want to go click and have a look, not sure how many pictures I can "borrow" from there!!! Retro, and not...
The Nagy Magical-Movable-TypePixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine™

MP3 Player where I particularly enjoyed the quote "Now if he would just get a tripod to hold his camera still, we could get a good non-blurry look at his gorgeous work" :)

I am not sure what is going on here but this blog seems to have an editing mind of it's own tonight. I lost two pictures, some text... I wanted to show you this Laptop too, and this is the third time I'm uploading this pic:

I had to remove the mosaic of my artwork that was here as I've decided to submit one of the pieces to a magazine. Even if the mosaic was only showing a portion of the item, I though it best to remove it entirely for now.


Anonymous said...

Great craftin! Drop a note and let me know how the girls are doing ;)

Danielle D said...

Hi France,
So glad I found your blog! I love the steampunk altered computer - thanks for the link.