Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daddy Long Leg? No, it's Mummy!

I wondered, for a few days, why Daddy Long Legs had fat round bodies here in Australia. I was sure I'd seen more "Canadian" looking ones, but this one, in the corner of the ceiling, looked not quite right, with a big fat round belly. Hmmm...

A few nights later I noticed it had caught a bunch of midgies (miniature flies for those who don't know what midgies are)... interesting I thought to myself... must've left the light on and there must've been a bunch of midgies around, strange, but I give it no further thought.
The next morning, whilst wearing my glasses, I marvelled once again at the amount of midgies, and, all of a sudden, noticed that this Daddy Long Leg didn't have a big fat tummy anymore... hmm, maybe it was a Mummy Long Legs... ???
INDEED IT WAS, and those were NOT midgies!

I wonder if the "dry" looking one, at the top right of the picture, is the Daddy one! Spiders can be cruel!!

On the crafty front, I've finished, yesterday, the third attempt at making polymer clay pens nice enough to give to my brother and sister for their 40th birthday (yes, they are twins). Attempt #1 became beads - I'll blog about them when the pens are done, attempt #2 were nice, but just not "nice enough for a birthday present", but I think attempt #3 will work, if I don't carbonise them in the oven.

Other than that, I just joined this Flickr group:

The fun thing about it is that it is colour based, and it's open to ALL Crafts!!! Join in!!!


Carol Dunstan said...

wow Francis, I've never seen all the little babies around Mum. We have Daddy Long Legs, Mummy Long Legs, Tiarna Long Legs and Shaelea Long Legs in our house. Harry and Hermoine Huntsman too ;-)

France said...

Tee!hee!!! I never thought of naming the other ones! Never saw a Huntsman up close though, nor have I ever seen a redback!
And like you, i'd never seen baby spiders either.
Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Natalie B said...

Oh you're good for not spraying the living daylights out of them.... I'm not scared of spiders, but I'm not a fan of having them indoors. had a bad experience with one falling on my face while asleep. I'm a big believer in having spiders/snakes etc outside the house, not inside.

Good on you for not squishing all of them.

Anonymous said...


France said...

Oh Julie! You cracked me up!
Hmmm. Natalie... Like I emailed you, I can handle a spider here and there, but THAT many in such a small room (they were in our toilet)... Hmmm, I don't think so, I think both my daughters would have stopped going to the toilet! I try not to kill spiders though, as I like that they eat bugs ;)

France said...

Rhoooo bah ça alors, une autre france qui fimote.
Par contre, je déteste les araignés et je ne parle pas anglais (je sais seulement tousser en anglais).
En tout cas, j'aime bien ce que tu fais.
Et merci pour ton passage chez moi.