Friday, February 08, 2008

One amphora, two amphorae

Yay! this was so much fun to make!!!! An Amphora Necklace!!

With a tutorial from Tina at, scrap clay, a mould by Krafty Lady (AM330) and a whole lot of patience!!
I also used a buffing wheel made today, as per the instructions on Desiree's Site, wahoo! What a shine!!! I'm going to make a second one soon, I can just feel it!!! I did however supaglued/crazy glued the discs to each other and pierced a small hole in the middle so my mandrel could securely screw in. I saw that tip in another tutorial, but watch out to not glue your fingers!

I've also made those when I was in my Faux Bone Craze (I still am, I just ran out of the mix. Will have to make more)

I've been in a very creative mood lately and tried to make a bit of time to make stuff!!!

It feels good!

late addition: my other Faux Bone can be seen here


Anonymous said...

France, that Amphora turned out well! I like how you incorporated the little tassel in the stopper, nice addition. Looking forward to seeing your next one.

Julie H said...

That Amphora is just gorgeous! I love it. So glad you are on a creative roll - not just for you - I get all the eye candy.

Heather T. said...

Hi, long time no read! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog--so I came looking for yours, which had fallen into "desuetude" a while. Glad to see you still making gorgeous stuff! I'll put you on my reader, so I don't miss anything (Julie K. taught me about those, hehe).

France said...

Thank you Tina and Julie.
Heather, yup, on the back burner and sort of no time to stir the pot!