Saturday, February 09, 2008

my bracelet, finished!

Click to see that pic on Flickr

Well, dunno what's up with me, but I've been creating and I can't seem to stop (though I will have to to do laundry and the groceries, ... eventually!!!)
I got highly inspired by this blog and decided THAT was the way this tiled bracelet needed to be put together.

I made the tiles using the Krafty Lady domino set (AM245) and just love the way they look. The translucent doesn't look great in the pictures, it's a bit better in person. I got to use all sorts of odds and ends (Julie K, if you do stop by, you may recognise those charms!). I wish this was candy, because I am sure it would taste really nice!!!
I had a heck of a time with my jump rings, sometimes I think I need to make some oval ones, rather than use store bought ones (I got lazy, took me long enough putting it together without making my own jump rings, though I did make "some" of them... but yes, sometimes odd shape rings, oval or rectangular, would probably be a lot better than trying to force a round ring through the drilled holes on the side of those tiles. I still think I need to take a course in "proper" jewellery making!!!
ciao for now.


Estivalia said...

this one is totally awesome! I love all the little hanging charms it has :)

France said...

Thanks Estivalia :) I just realised the link for the blog which inspired me wasn't working. I fixed it now in the post. It's this exact post:
beautiful stuff there!

Julie H said...

France you are on a roll - this is beautiful! The danglies are perfect - drawing attention to the tiles not away from them.

Anonymous said...

Yay, they were useful, and you made a fabulous bracelet.