Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spreading the Soapy Love

This photo is not mine, it is ©soapylove and used here to promote a fun giveaway to spread her Soapy Love check it out!
Debbie is from San Diego (I had friends there in a previous life, Laura for one, and a few people I worked with, never been though). She is a Melt and Pour Soap Artist, she does wonderful things, shares her knowledge and sells gorgeous soaps too. Go have a look, if only for the eye candy value, and if you're a soaper, wash her back too. This is all to promote her latest issue of Let's Get Soapy.

as for me, I made more half egg soaps last night for the girls at work, made half "Chocolate (AussieCandleSupplies)" and half "Passion Fruit Rose (BrambleBerry), they all smelled so nice, and I had a bit of soap left from each so I have a marble soap for us at home!

I plan on catching up on my sleep this weekend :) a looong weekend! Yay!!!

Cheers and if you are going to have chocolate, enjoy it!!

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Anne-Marie said...

I am loving Debbie's new natural soaps, too. She is so talented!