Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How much do you love your mobile?

Mobile, or cell phone.... everyone seems to have one. We all "know" they are supposed to not be very good for our brains, but it seems millions of teenagers don't care. How many times will a phone ring on my 7 minute bus trip down to Fremantle... Usually at least 3 people get a call while I'm on the bus, even if the bus is not very full. People cannot live without their mobiles. I own one too, it's my lifeline between my children at school and me, the school can call me (my girls do not own mobiles and hopefully won't for a while. I use it as little as possible, but yeah, it is handy!
I used to carry it in my bra... many women carry stuff in there (ever seen that Jamie Lee Curtis interview with David Letterman!) I don't do that anymore, nor do I carry it in my hands if I can avoid it. Nowhere near any of my "female parts", or head... Why? Because I am afraid of cancer!!
If you want to know more, read this article. Interesting, huh? Of course, some brands are probably better than others, but I'm sure some are worse!
So, how much do you love your mobile??
Food for thought, if you like eggs ;)

Sorry, no eye candy or links today. I have to make dinner now. Hmmm, how about an Omelet... Does anyone have a phone they can lend me? Just to make dinner!!

Stay well.


Sulea said...

i've got one but why oh why do phones have to ring LOL. i'm guilty of deliberately running it flat coz i don't like the idea of carrying around all these people inside my phone ROFL.. not that it ever rings that often, probably coz it keeps running flat. i think i'm still getting used to the fact that you can carry a phone around which doesn't have cords.. oh yea.. and ever heard those robotic telemarketers... they don't use people anymore.. a machine rings u and tries to sell u stuff. Weird or what.

JulieKatTaiwan said...

There are more cell phones than people in Taiwan.

I got one when I wasn't allowed a line phone in my apartment (foreigner issues). I paid a heck of a lot of money for a phone that I could use "back home." Unfortunately, it broke before I ever made it back home (held up for five years though!)

Now this is my home and I have a cellphone, hard to think of life without it. It's especially handy for meeting up with people. I'm often accused of never having it turned on though. I let the batteries run out because I never remember to charge it.

I must admit I have my eye on a camera phone with MP3 abilities... won't be getting one in the near future though.

Cancer.... do you use a microwave oven? Have a TV? Live near power lines? Our electronic age is not health friendly in many ways.

Take care!

France said...

Hi Sulea and Julie :)
You're funny Sulea, I haven't had one of those robotic telemarketers, we never answer our home phone as we're always connected to the Internet.
Hmmm, wonder what computers do to us! Other than eye problems and carpal tunnels!)...
Julie, no, we don't own a Microwave :) we do have a very old telly, a couple of old ones actually and one small new one, many vcrs (to make all the old tellies work) and we don't live too close to big power lines, though, I have to admit, I did grow up near them! Yup... it's a crazy mixed up world!
I've been reading "Additive Alert" a book on food additive written by a lady here in Western Australia. SCARY stuff!!! I'll post about that if I can get my head around the topic ;)
Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by, I love reading what people think.
I wonder if all those gadgets are cheaper in Taiwan!? They probably are?

JulieKatTaiwan said...

You don't have a microwave but you do have a heat gun! LOVEd your tip. I'm soooo gonna use that! We don't have a microwave either. The next time I have a craving for butter on bread (trying to break that habit)I'm going to head to my art room. LOL