Saturday, June 17, 2006

What I received that is out there on the web

Another little box opened today in my move from that other place, to here. Still no news from my email to them asking them WHY??? it's brutal. Anyway, at least there's no virtual dust in this move, just a lot of rearranging everything. Here, I present:

The gorgeous artwork I was lucky enough to receive.

although, I should point out, not everything is there,
1) because I'm not organised enough and still have some things to upload;
2) because I'm not organised and I might have forgotten to scan something;
3) because I'm not organised and I scanned something but forgot to upload the scan or have misplaced it on my computer. So for all these excuses I beg your forgiveness in advance. I remember sendind a card to someone one time, someone who used to scan and upload pretty much everything, and my card never made it on that person's Web Display, and for months (I've gotten over it now, it was a while ago) I was sure that it was because my artwork wasn't up to par. I'm still not convinced that it was not the case in that situation... but... I try to move past that :) funny brain and the things it makes us think!!!

So here we go:

Other People's "Pieces of Them":
(in no particularly organised order)

ATCs Album #5
ATCs Album #4
ATCs Album #3
ATCs Album #2
ATCs Album #1
December 2005 onwards (not including Christmas)
March 2005 - November 2005
Birthday 2005
December 2004 - August 2005
Christmas 2003 (selection only)
Christmas 2005 (cards only, no ATC, for ATC see ATC album #3)
Oriental/Asian art received

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