Friday, January 23, 2009

Lorri's having a birthday and bananana!

haha, more on bananas! I made my banana bread the other day, which requires 2/3 cup oil, and in my not-paying-attention, I put 2 CUPS of oil in my bananas... lucky the bananas had been on sale and I was planning on freezing some for future banana bread, I was able to puree an extra 4 cups of bananas to make up for the extra oil! Funny as usually I use apple sauce for this pair of breads I make, but this time I was lazy..... I think I would have tweaked at 2 cups of apple sauce!!!
Goodness... I made two huge banana breads, a banana bread cake and some banana muffins!!! And I'm happy to report our new oven seems to be behaving!

Could be too that I'm used to large quantities of oil, given my recent soapmaking venture!

Onto Lorri, who owns Scrappindipity with her daughter Bec, is having a birthday giveaway... so stroll on down to her blog to see the rules, and spread the love!!!
Lorri's Blog
The post in question

go have a look around, she's pretty darn talented :)

And I promise to draw my winner for the coffee soap in the coming few days ;) I'm feeling a bit chicken, but I have given some people at work some soap and they seem happy with it (either that or they are GOOD liars!)... Ah, let's make it Australia Day Draw!!! ... see you then!!


Heather T. said...

baaaanaaaanaaaaah sluuuuudge


You poor thing...

Anonymous said...

Happy Australia day... we're still using the kiddos bars, so we'll wait a bit on using the coffee soap, but it smells great.

Anonymous said...

France, you could always have made banana loaf soap, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!

LOL ;-)


Justine said...

I second the banana soap !!!

I wish I'd thought of that before I chucked my overripe bananas out!

Your banana bread sounds yummeh!

France said...

It didn't even cross my mind. I'm not too sure about "food" in soap though, I'd have to give it a go one day, but it doesn't sit too well with me when cream I put in a MP soap, upon reading some instructions, actually turned and smelled quite horrible!