Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reports on birthday gifts

I never told you, the day Olivia had her birthday, there was an incident with a watermelon, the dad hadn't put the watermelon in a safe place in the boot (the trunk) of the car, and it fell and cracked, and the mum was rather annoyed, and kept cursing the watermelon during the party (turned out it was quite edible and quite nice) but as I knew her daughter would only open the present at home, I told her "When Olivia opens her present, know that I hope you will find it amusing - this probably makes absolutely no sense to you now, but it will later"! Well, being the funny lady that she is, she got the joke, she sms'd me saying that she now understood, and the cutest thing "Olivia loves her bag so much she wants us to take her to the beach so she can use it"!
And yesterday Sophie's reaction was priceless, she saw the card (an electronically generated card, a bit of a step aside for ex-stamper-papercrafter-and-maybe-soon-to-be-again-but-who-knows-when me) and her first reaction "Mum, look, they made this" turning to me she asks "did you make this?" she was so excited, so it was faring well! She then opens the present and said "I'm sorry if this was expensive wrapping paper, but I'm about to rip it"! I said to her to go for it, that it was HER wrapping paper now. She is such a cutie. She sees the bag and one of the flowers (somehow my wrapping paper turned otu to be not so easy to wrap, and it was cheap paper too!) and again she exclaimed "Mum! look! They made this!!!!" then she noticed something was in the bag, so she carefully unfolded the bag, and opened it and said "oooh! It smells like BATH STUFF!!!", and pulled out the soaps and the lip balm (all in bubble wrap) and without even looking again "Mum! mum, look, they made this!"... it was so nice to get such an enthusiastic response to a handmade present!!!

Here's a close up of the items:



Chris said...

and doesn't that enthusiasm make it all worthwhile?
Good job!

Julie van Oosten said...

And rightly so, the "bath stuff" looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing! Your soaps here are being enjoyed a lot, that's for sure. I hope you go back to papercrafting... or perhaps take up digi scrapping.. Heather T is looking for CT members.