Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ann's Bushfire Appeal Items

Ok, these weren't made by me, they were made by my friend Ann G, and all profits will go to the Bushfire Appeal.

She also made two items for the same cause, offered on OzeBaby:

Black and White Cot Quilt
and an Adorable Wool Sleeping Sack

Have a look, won't you?

As for me, well, not much lately, too busy with other stuff. I have to say though that Ryan finally got his money out of his soap, after extra long baths!
I've made two batches of soap since my last post, one I had to rebatch, had to learn the hard way to beware of floral FO! But the resulting soap is just fine and dandy :) and I made another soap, with almost full water this time as it was another Floral FO (you can use different percentages of water, within certain limits, and the more water you use, the longer your soaps take to dry) and they are a wee bit hard to unmould, so I've decided to ignore them for a few days, eventually, they'll shrink :)


Heather T. said...

Man, that soap-making would take way too long for my immediate gratification soul... =)

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're speaking soapease again, me no comprendo! I asked a co-worker where I could get melt and pour soap stuff (his wife makes soap) and they gifted me with a bunch of supplies, so Jaylene and I will be making soap soon. His wife has turned over to more organic, natural soap so we got her leftovers. Any tips for us?

Anonymous said...

Dearest France...
l am missing you!!! UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!

LOL ;-)

Brigitte G. said...

Coucou France !!
bien longtemps que je n'etais venue te visiter (ouhhhje crois au moins 2 ans !!!!) te voila maintenant dans le savon ?? hmmm interessant :)
bisous a toi des Blue mountains NSW :)