Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun facts and a friend's digi shop

Heather's Shop!
For all you papercrafters out there, I have a good e-friend (Heather T) who just opened a digi shop, she sells beautiful digital kits she made herself.
Her shop is here: http://oohlalaartsy.wordpress.com/
her blog is here: http://oohlalaartsy.blogspot.com/
She's got some gorgeous stuff and I think it's really reasonably priced! it can even be used for non-(s)crapbooking applications!!! LOL!
Now i have to learn Photoshop!!

Another interesting piece of news (well, it's not new news, but it's new info to me!) fancy my reaction when I found out that Crocs started in my homeland of Québec!! (oh yeah, don't mind, I think sandals are spelled "sandals" but the journalist spelled them "sandels". There used to be a time where spelling was an integral part of a journalist's tools? I make typos all the time... but I'm not a journalist ;) bee in my bonnet, that...
Last night I got a good reminder to not believe everything I read on the Internet, that everyone who publishes on the 'net has their own agenda, some people's agendas are quite simple, share, have fun, etc. Other people's agenda is to incite you to believe in what they believe, and slyly do so... I got really upset last night about something I read on a website, about some policy (yes, I should know better!), then reading further than that one page on the site, I realised that the website in question seemed to have an agenda, and that the article that got me so upset might have been written (it was also translated from another language) in a way, and using words, to make us tend towards a different understanding than what was actually written. I do hope that's the case for that site as the article was quite disturbing. Anyway, thanks for letting me air this out... and remember, it's not all true, but the truth is out there somewhere... it's just very hard to find.

Again, the Internet, for all the crap and smut it serves up, is also a great place for information, inspiration, and opening our eyes to new concepts. New ideas. So Freedom of speech/expression does have it's place. Just check your facts, or scratch the surface a bit, if you're about to get upset about something :)

I'm uploading some stuff on Etsy, hopefully all month, a piece a day: DESTASHING!!!
My last upload was a fun pair of toad earrings, which I called "Handsome Prince Earrings"... for $5! And if you are in Australia, and you ask (just say "I read on your blog that I could pay in Australian Dollars" or smoething), I will let you pay postage and all in Australian dollars. Not a huge discount, but it means you can DD without having to worry about currency conversion. Sadly this is good only for australian addresses.

we got a great deal from Tony's Car Hire in Fremantle... it's not a cadillac, but it runs and it's cheap and it'll do us good while our car is getting all fixed up!!

Ok, enough rambling, just really wanted to tell you about Heather's shop but I got carried away. It happens :)


Heather T. said...

You're quite the dear, thank you! And I'm really glad you have a car again. That's rough...

Anonymous said...

Yay for the car!

We taught Jaylene that most commercials are just to sell things, and often they'll "lie" to make you think it's a good buy. So now, when watching the news or whatever, she'll blurt out, "They're lying mommy!" The last time she did that was when they were reporting on a child prodigy who could compose music at age 5. lol

BTW, you should put a direct etsy link on your blog. The link in this post just takes you back to your blog. The pendant one takes you to the etsy shop.

Danielle D said...

Yay for a new car! Smell that new car smell!

Photoshop is fun to use. The help is no help, though. I had to teach myself with tutorials online, but I'm glad I can use it. (You're right - the internet is good for something besides posting photos of one's cat!)